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Discover Sicily

As a holiday destination, Sicily is a gift that keeps on giving. There is just so much to see and do. Spend your days discovering beautiful beaches, stopping off in picturesque towns and villages for a coffee or some great food and wine. Or explore ancient ruins, magnificent temples and extraordinary natural sights. From the smoking peak of Mount Etna near the east coast to the evocative salt pans on the west, Sicily offers that perfect blend of gastronomy, culture, natural sights and excitement that guarantees a fabulous holiday.

Explore Sicily

Every inch of Sicily is worth getting to know. The beauty of this island is its diversity, with each area having its own identity, in terms of nature, food and wine, and culture. Choose from sandy beaches along the south coast or rocky shores on the east. Immerse yourself in Arab-Norman culture in north Sicily or explore Baroque towns in the south. Each area offers visitors something different, but all are just heavenly.

Sicilian Food & Wine

For many the food and wine found in Sicily is the highlight of their holiday – bring an empty stomach and be prepared to taste everything you can! Sicilians certainly know how to cook (and eat) well! Enjoy the freshest fish, caught daily and brought into port, or gorge on exquisite fruit and vegetables. Desserts are delicious, whilst the gelato and granita are something else. And as for wine, you are spoilt! Make sure to try the local vintages – you won't be disappointed!

Top Things to Do in Sicily

It's hard to choose how to spend your time in Sicily – there are just so many options. So here are a few tips from us as to how to pass your days on this fascinating island.

Did you know?

Sicily is full of curiosities. Here are just a few to pique your interest!