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Nature Reserves in Sicily

You'll find a wealth of fantastic nature in Sicily, perfect for nature-lovers of all ages. Choose from mountain ranges to beautiful protected beaches. If you love flora and fauna then Sicily is a great choice to enjoy a breath of fresh, Mediterranean air!

Marine Reserves

Expect wonderful marine wildlife and pristine waters in these marine reserves. Bring your snorkel and explore these beautiful waters, marvelling at the abundance of natural beauty within. Discover the pristine beauty!

Sicilian Flora

Due to Sicily's various landscapes and warm climate, you can find a rich variety of flora on the island. From the hot plains in the south to the mountain ranges in the north, there's a wealth of beautiful plants and trees.

Mountain Ranges & Nature Reserves

Explore Sicily's incredible mountain ranges and nature reserves. You will be amazed by the natural beauty of the areas, and the wonderful beaches, views and picturesque spots you will discover. Enjoy countryside and sea views in one go!

Sicilian Fauna

You might well see some incredibly wildlife when visiting Sicily. Visit the nature reserves and there's the possibility of spotting some of these amazing animals!

Map of Sicily

Need some help to find your way around? Take a look at our map!


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