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Travel Journal for your holidays

Looking for inspiration? Our Travel Journal is for you.
Full of up-to-date facts and evocative articles about Sicily and Puglia, including the regions’ gastronomy, culture, and experiences, this journal will make your holiday in southern Italy a real treat for all the senses.


Discover Sicily's Finest Wineries

Discover the oenological brilliance of Sicily by visiting the Florio wineries in Marsala or Planeta in Menfi, where tradition and innovation blend into extraordinary wines.

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What to see in Western Sicily: Seven Places not to be Missed

Explore the beauty of western Sicily: from Trapani to Palermo, seven must-visit destinations rich in history, culture, and breathtaking scenery.

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The best thermal baths in Sicily: Relaxation and Well-being Unleashed

Unforgettable spa experiences in Sicily: Acireale, Segesta, Sciacca, Montevago. Where relaxation and well-being blend with rejuvenating environments.

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What to see in Eastern Sicily: Seven must-visit places

Exploring eastern Sicily means diving into an experience that includes the gems of Catania, the beaches of Taormina, and the fascinating Mount Etna Park.

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The Best Boat Tours in Sicily

Explore Sicily through the best boat tours. Discover charming coasts, marine caves, and natural reserves. Experience unparalleled emotions!

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The Best Time to Visit Sicily

The magic of Sicily reveals itself in every season: golden summers, eventful autumns, blooming springs. You’ll always love this island!

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Exclusive Holidays in Sicilian Villas

Exclusive holidays in charming sicilian villas. Authenticity, comfort, and relaxation in the enchantment of this beautiful Mediterranean island.

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UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Sicily

Experience the magic of UNESCO sites in Sicily. From the Doric temples of Agrigento to the Baroque beauty of Syracuse, a unique journey through time.

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The Best Beaches in Sicily

Immerse yourself in the wonders of Sicilian beaches. Whether you're seeking relaxation or adventures, Sicily offers a wide range of destinations.

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The Best Sicilian Foods

Explore Sicily through its unique flavours and imagine delighting your palate with its local delicacies.

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