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At the Table

After visiting Sicily you will certainly adore Sicilian cuisine! Here you'll find some Sicilian dishes. Why not try to recreate them at home. Your family and friends will be delighted!


Start your meal off in the right way, with a delicious Sicilian starter, full of simple, yet deep flavours.

Essential Ingredients

These items will always be found in a Sicilian kitchen – make sure you have them to make your food even more authentically Sicilian!


Pasta is Sicily's lifeblood, and you are bound to eat some fantastic plates here. Here are some firm favourites!

Food Proverbs

The Sicilian language is full of food-based proverbs, showing just how important food is to the locals!

Meat & Fish

Fresh fish is the name of the game in Sicily, but the mountainous regions also produce exceptional meats. Get a taste of Sicily here!

Food Curiosities

Sicily is rich in culinary history: every recipe has a story! Here are a few interesting facts about Sicily’s gastronomy.

Desserts & Sweets

Desserts are a highlight for many at a Sicilian table. Vibrant citrus flavours or rich and creamy ricotta await you. Make sure you save some space!

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