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Wine in Sicily

Many visitors fall in love with Sicilian wine during their holiday. A glass of a local vintage as the sun goes down over the sea is a wonderful way to spend the evening. Wine has been growing on the island for centuries, if not millennia. In recent years there has been a wine-growing boom, with wineries modernising and creating some truly fabulous wines. Make sure to try the wines during your time in Sicily!

Wine Areas

Sicily has wine-growing areas all over, ranging from mountain slopes to fertile plains. It is great to visit some of these areas during your time in Sicily.

Sicilian Grapes

There are several indigenous grape varieties in Sicily that are often unknown to visitors. Try them during your holiday in Sicily!

Wine Styles

Sicily offers a broad range of wine styles, with many variations there within. You're sure to find a wine that will become your new favourite whilst in Sicily!

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