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North Sicily


Nestled in the hills above Palermo, Monreale should not be missed during a holiday in north Sicily. With its charm and beauty, as well as one of Sicily's most important cultural sights, it makes for a great day trip! The town's medieval atmosphere creates a magical feel. You'll find great food here, as well as beautiful views, and a cathedral that has to be seen to be believed. You'll be left breathless.


Things to see in Monreale

During your holiday in Sicily, Monreale should be visited to see the cathedral with it world-renowned mosaics and to see the beautiful town centre with charming medieval buildings. Between all the wonderful places to visit you'll certainly love the Benedictine cloisters and the main piazza: Piazza Vittorio Emanuele.

Did you know?

Discover more about the town's past and present! Monreale, with its UNESCO World Heritage site, is a fascinating place. Visiting the town you'll discover many curiosities, maybe with the help of a local expert.

Things to do in Monreale

A few hints as to how to pass the time with fun activities. More than just the famous mosaics, Monreale also is ideal for enjoying some sunshine. Visit Castellaccio – just outside the town – where you can take in the incredible views. In the town centre there's also the Museo Diocesano where you can see amazing relics of Sicily's past.

Don't miss

A few things that we love – don't miss these during your time in Sicily! Apart from the beautiful monuments, Monreale is also a great place for foodies. Try the local Mediterranean food in the many town-centre restaurants and don't miss the famous local bread. For unforgettable flavours stock up with local fruit and veg!

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Make the most of our interactive map to plan your holiday in Sicily. There's so much to discover during a trip on this wonderful island.


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