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East Sicily


Messina is a lovely town overlooking Calabria. There are many elegant buildings, several spots with superb sea views and lots of wonderful restaurants and shops. You can enjoy Sicilian warmth and a characteristic atmosphere in this beautiful seaside town.


Things to see in Messina

If you can tear yourself away from relaxing at your villa, there are many lovely things to see! Messina gives you the chance to visit beautiful fountains in the city centre, and to see amazing buildings like the cathedral. Don't miss the lighthouse and look out over Calabria!

Did you know?

Discover more about the town's past and present! There are so many interesting facts about the city, including the astronomical clock – the world's largest! Definitely a landmark to see during your holiday in Messina.

Things to do in Messina

A few hints as to how to pass the time with fun activities. Messina, the city where you can easily visit Sicily or Calabria. Reggio Calabria is only three kilometres from Messina – it's easy to visit! If you want to enjoy a break in the city, you can watch amazing performances in the Vittorio Emanuele II Theatre, or stroll along the belvedere near the sea.

Don't miss

A few things that we love – don't miss these during your time in Sicily! A granita, of course! They're the best in Sicily. Also wonderful views to admire.

Find your way around Sicily

Here's our interactive map of Sicily, that lets you organise your holiday in Sicily by looking at the most important local sights and attractions of the island.


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